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Al Shifa

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Al shifa is Yemini honey kingdom established in 1991. Al shifa yemini honey has different types which are Al sider (Christ's thorn) also Known as llb and Al-Erg and this kind of honey can be found in Hadramout , Gardan Shabwa , Al osimat Hashid , wisab , Tihama, Hajah and Al Mahweet. Al Sumar honey also known as shoka and it comes from regions like Hadramout, Tihama and Abyan. Also there is Al Salam honey and it can be found in Tihama to the north and south east of Hodiedah, Al Mara'i honey and it is found all across Yemen and is one of the best honey in terms of the diversity of blossoms and al Amag or Al Sal honey comes from Hadramout , Hajah , Al Mahweet , Anis , Ibb and Taiz. For best results use honey diluted with water before breakfast.